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Information is the most prized product of our time

Information is the most prized product of our time

Information itself can only be amessage of content, but in our interest (or in our branch) information is a key element used to arouse awareness.

The information provided by our sensors has the effect of reducing uncertainty, but we prefer to say that we arouse awareness.

Information is our product - we deliver environmental information

Our platform is built on communications standards that allow constructing IoT networks (the Internet of Things).


Environmental sensor in PM 2,5 and PM 10 standard is advanced NASA technology.


Lora – using its full name, LoRaWAN is a specification for energy-saving, long-range network (LPWAN), which will primarily work with battery powered devices.

As such, it fits perfectly into IoT needs. LoRaWAN’s network architecture is based on a star network, in which gateways are transparent bridges that provide transmission between edge devices and a central server (access point).

Gateways are attached to the server using standard IP connections, while edge devices use, to connect to one or more gateways, a spread spectrum technique at different baud rates (bitrate)

Edge-to-edge communications can be bidirectional, which allows not only receiving messages, but also controlling the devices that send them or updating their software.

Interestingly, the baud rate varies depending on the length of a message (ADR technique, Adaptive Data Rate) and is in the range of 0.3 … 50 kbps.



Master – I’m in charge here, collects data sent from sensors, transmits collected information to the server while diagnosing sensors at the same time.



Our device analyses the collected data. Prognostic reports, current status reports and probable sources of pollution (such as transportation, environmental and industrial) are its output.



Full visualization of collected and analysed data. Access to reports based on user authorisation/access level.