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Our solution includes all the necessary components for a proper and effective monitoring of the environment in your city or commune. Environmental sensor network that measures the following parameters:

  • PM1 / PM2.5 / PM10

  • CO

  • CO2

  • O2

  • O3

  • NO

  • NO2

  • SO2

  • NH3

  • CH4

  • H2

  • H2S

  • HCl

  • HCN

  • PH3

  • ETO

  • Cl2

  • ORP

  • DO

  • I-

  • Li+

  • Mg2+

  • NO3-

  • NO2-

  • K+

  • Ag+

  • Na+

  • Ca2+

The system has been designed to provide an effective and accessible solution that will intuitively monitor your environment in terms of key environmental parameters. It is a comprehensive solution monitoring air, water and soil quality.

All the elements are connected by LoRaWAN communication protocol, which affects additional possibilities of using the network at a later stage of Smart City development. Software – a platform used for operating and managing the system downloads selective data in real-time or in selected periods.

We use IoT technology and advanced computational applications, which, based on the collected data, are able to indicate predictions for consecutive days and hours.

The hardware and software capabilities of our devices allow adding a large number of functionalities depending on one’s needs (ability to integrate with multiple systems available on the market).

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